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Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2

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.NET Framework 4.7.2 comes pre-installed in Windows 10 Version 1803 which has been recently released by Microsoft. While there is no need to install any update for Version 1803 users, the users who are using older versions of Windows 10 like 1709, 1703 and 1607, Microsoft has released a separate update for them so that they can download and install .NET Framework 4.7.2 separately..NET Framework 4.7.2 comes with two installers, web installer and offline installer. The web installer is the stub installer which will start the download process after it is run while offline installer does not require Internet access for installation.

  • Using .NET Framework for your server application when:
    • Your app currently uses .NET Framework (recommendation is to extend instead of migrating).
    • Your app uses third-party .NET libraries or NuGet packages not available for .NET Core.
    • Your app uses .NET technologies that aren’t available for .NET Core.
    • Your app uses a platform that doesn’t support .NET Core.
  • Using .NET Core for your server application when:
    • You have cross-platform needs.
    • You are targeting microservices.
    • You are using Docker containers.
    • You need high-performance and scalable systems.
    • You need side-by-side .NET versions per application.

Microsoft also provided guidance about when and when not to consider porting existing .NET Framework projects to .NET Core.

As noted one of main use cases for .NET Framework is ASP.NET Web apps, and in that area the new 4.7.2 release has added several improvements, Microsoft said in a post yesterday (April 30), notably:

    • Support for dependency injection (DI) in Web Forms apps. While DI is already supported by the MVC Framework, it was much harder to implement for ASP.NET Web Forms. Microsoft describes DI as “a technique whereby one object supplies the dependencies of another object. It decouples the objects so that no client code has to be changed simply because an object it depends on needs to be changed to a different one.” Microsoft said the new DI functionality in ASP.NET Web Forms applications will support:
      • Setter-based, interface-based and constructor-based injection in Web application projects in Handler, Module, Page, User control and Custom control.
      • Setter-based and interface-based injection in Web site projects in Handler, Module, Page, User controls and Custom controls.
      • Extensibility to support different DI frameworks.
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  • Extensibility to support different DI frameworks.