Cute Cat Run 2.0

Date added: June 20th, 2018
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Cute Cat Run is an addictive two-dimensional game with a very simple controls and nice colorful graphics!
Accompanied by merry music, the cat runs and jumps on the roofs of the city. We need to collect as many cakes as possible along the way, as the cat is very fond of them.
There are many dangers to confront, such as gaps between the roofs, garbage cans and evil dogs. But they will not stop the cat if you have anything to say about it!
A lot of animations and graphic effects make the game even more fun and interesting.


1. Very simple controls: With just one click, even small children can easily play.
2. Pleasant background music, as well as various sound effects.
3. As many as 18 game levels of varying degrees of complexity, so you will not be bored!
4. Change of time of day in the course of the game.
5. Changing weather conditions.
6. The game will be stored on an SD card.


1. Touch the right half of the screen that the cat would jump up to, and if you press again during the jump, the cat will make a double jump.
2. Guide the cat through all levels, collect as many cakes as possible, and you can open new characters with unique designs!

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