Free Download LaserCut 6.1

License / Price: Free
Version: 6.1
Date added: July 20th, 2017
Language: English
File size: 5.86 MB
Developer: Laser
OS: Windows
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free download lasercut 6.1

I reviewed the new release of Lasercut 6.1 for use with the new 6585 controller released to the US market.


 LaserCut61 Manual V1.0.doc
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1 System Installation

1.1 Contents of the Control System
The control System includes hardware (controller 1 piece MPC6585) & control software. All in the package include software CD.
No. File & list Function Dir Remark
1 LaserCut61 Laser Engraving &Cutting software installation file ..\ Including “Setup.exe” and other file necessary, if installation failed, file may missed or broken, please contact us for replace.
2 Driver USB Driver of the controller ..\
3 Doc Controller manual ..\ LaserCut61 Manual
4 Firmware Update program of the controller ..\
5 Readme Update Record ..\

1.2 Installation of the System
Run Setup.exe,dialog box appears as below:

Click “Setup”, default install path C:\LaserCut61”, click to change the path.
LaserCut53、LaserCut60 can be installed in the same PC.

Lasercut 5.3 and controllers MPC 6515 & MPC 6535 are obsolete – now longer supported and pretty much no longer available.
Some can be found through US distributors who bought in bulk, however the price of the package has gone up dramatically.

I reviewed the new release of Lasercut 6.1 for use with the new 6585 controller released to the US market.

lasercut 6.1 screen shoot

Best feature – no DONGLE!

Worst feature – file types saved are now designated as .ftp not .ecp
note: I do have many dxf files that the ecp file was generated from however when the ecp was saved in Lasercut 5.3 – It contains corrections, power & speed settings that a dxf file does not.

Disappointment – internal memory remains at 128 mb

There are differences in the software and require some getting use to after using Lasercut 5.3 for many years.

Work around – in Lasercut 5.3 export ecp file as a plt – import into Lasercut 6.1

Great new controller for a new purchase – for me I continue to use the MPC6515 – a hardy work horse – would prefer the 6535 as it is shielded to prevent static buildup and takes corners better. Has a better recovery rate after an electrical stop.

Future plan for our shop – upgrade to the now obsolete MPC 6535 sitting in inventory – however there is some question about the wiring / polarity issue and possible electrical damage if installed incorrectly.

If anyone has an obsolete 6515 or a dongle, please PM me.

Anyone here that has swapped out the 6515 to 6535 or has any input or ideas, I appreciate your generous feedback, help, tips & responses.

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